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At UTV Global Media Network we take pride in helping to develop our communities by collaborating with community-based organizations, as they design programs and projects to improve the quality of lives of the individuals that they serve. 


Our featured community projects:

1.  RCWM's Tree of Deliverance Count On Me Challenge

2. Youth to College Challenge.  Every new UTV Media Network Sponsor, enable us to assist 1 youth who dropped out of college to return.  Consider becoming a UTV Sponsor today!

3.  The Sharing My Voice Project.


When you become a UTV Global Media Network Member or Affiliate Producer/Business, a portion of your membership fee goes to support these causes this year.


Click here to become a UTV Global Media Network Member.


We thank you for supporting UTV Global Media Network and enabling us to help with projects such as this one.


Click here to check out the featured project we are providing support for at this time.


Featured Project

Tree of Deliverance

Count On Me Challenge


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