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Who we are:

UTV Media Network is dedicated to community building by providing quality  programming that educates and empowers all.

How you can help:

You can become UTV Media Network member and help bring great family oriented programming to our worldwide community.  By becoming a UTV Media Network member you will help us achieve our goal of community building.

Our Network was created out of the need to provide greater access to production facilities and production platforms to those looking for an opportunity or are interested in becoming television producers for a fraction of the "going market rates".

We are particularly dedicated to providing education and assistance enabling all to lead fulfilling lives and achieve their full potential wherever they abide in the world.  Our goal is to be a leading provider of products and services that echo the voices of all people.

We strive to reach our goal by delivering our positive messages through a variety of programs including programs for children and youth, music and the arts, religion, focus on culture and news items.


We further aim to:

  • present quality material that is educationally and culturally rich

  • maintain a high artistic, editorial and professional standard

  • create opportunities for and to encourage and promote creativity and growth

  • provide a forum where all can connect through music, the spoken word and other form of the arts.

  • stimulate critical thinking by all of our associates

  • provide exposure to artists involved in all the art forms of all ages.




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