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Thank you for your interest in our Music is Fun Program. 


This program offers group music classes as an alternative to private music classes for students from age 4.  This approach employs traditional piano instruction, recorder instruction and exposure to singing and uses several proven teaching methods.  These methods use a comprehensive approach to teaching music, which includes theory, ear training, sight reading, ensemble playing, technique, composition and rhythm drills.  Classes consist of approximately one 90-minute session per week. The group atmosphere is fun and encourages at-home practice.


The Music is Fun approach to offers a varied program aimed at providing the opportunity to experience the rewards of music. This approach is based on the belief that anyone can play and enjoy a musical instrument, given the proper exposure and instruction. Through this approach students discover the joy of making music and enjoy a fun-filled atmosphere where they learn to sing and play familiar songs. They also become familiar with music notes and symbols, as well as the piano keyboard and the recorder.  This dynamic teaching method use proven educational techniques that are designed to motivate and educate each student.

The Music is Fun Program seeks to instill a community-oriented spirit in its students. As part of this community involvement, students perform at several community events during the year.


Participants look forward to, and enjoy, their music lessons! Of note is the fact that participants exposed to the Music is Fun Programs return rate is over 85% for each contract period --- a much higher return rate than average for beginner students, as the classes are fun.


We look forward to working with you or your child as we endeavor to enrich each others lives.


Yours truly,

Music is Fun Administrative Team





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